Howard, Troy Corpus Christi, TX Blue 67 - 69 YN 5/16/17

My name is Benjamin Howard. My father, Troy Howard, served on the Carver in the late 60s as a Yeoman and Sonar

Tech. I want to let you know that he passed away on May 16, 2017, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Dad told me many great

stories about his time on the Carver, and he regarded it as a very special time in his life, so I thought I should let

you guys know that he's gone now. He served in the Texas Army National Guard until 1993, rising to the rank of

Major on the staff of the Adjutant General of Texas. He was responsible for mobilizing Texas ANG troops during

Desert Storm. Among other accomplishments, he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal and the Meritorious

Service Medal. You're welcome to write back to me at if you wish. If any of you knew

him, I would greatly appreciate any memories of him that you're willing to share.

Huron, Harold Gold 68 - 71 3/18/03

Jameson, Vincent Reno, NV Gold 66 - 68 A-Gang August 2015

Johnson II, Leonard Aiken, SC Gold Weaps Off 5/13/04

Johnson, Roy Minot, ND Gold 66 - 70 MDIV LPO/ELT Oct. 2012

Kaiser, James Santa Rosa, CA Blue 73 - 76 RC Div 1/24/16

Kirk, Al Columbia, MD Fall 2001

Klein, Martin Virginia Beach, VA 4/30/15

Koch, Karl Gold 67 - 69 NAVET 1969

Kordes, Jack Meadville, PA Blue 65 - 67 ET 4/2/12

Kuhn Sr., Raymond Groton, CT Blue 65 - 68 COB 3/21/05

Lewis, John Beacon, NY MM 1989

Linscomb, Gene Houston, TX 79 - 83 5/29/16

Loper, Farish Gulfport, MS Gold TM 12/7/06

Loring, Pat Chesapeake, VA Blue 88 - 93 COB 2006?

Lueker, Wendell Fairfax, VA Gold 67 - 70 XO 2/3/09

Luttrell, Larry Mountain Home, AR Gold 65 - 72 NAVET 8/24/11
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