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Of Ice and Steel
"OF ICE AND STEEL poses a thought-provoking cataclysmic undersea contest across a vivid fabric of space and time!" --Joe Buff, author of SEAS OF CRISIS and STRAITS OF POWER

In the waste of the Arctic ice, a deadly relic lies, frozen and forgotten. When a new Russian revolution brings man kind to the very brink of oblivion, the sleeping relic is loosed on an already frightened world. Ships begin to disappear. The super powers accuse one another, as all nations, draw their battle lines. A nuclear devise is stolen, to be delivered to the most wanted and murderous terrorist in history. It is a time when only a spark is required to ignite a nuclear exchange. One man has the answer. Three men and three submarines must overcome mistrust, and their own demons to explain the unexplainable and deliver the world from a global holocaust. ****THIS ITEM IS ONLY SOLD DIRECTLY FROM THE AUTHOR. CONTACT DON MEADOWS VIA EMAIL AT TorpedoChief@aol.com
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