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Oral History of the Carver
The Oral History of the USS George Washington Carver (SSBN 656) was commissioned by the GWC Reunion Association. It is a documentary that tells the story of one of the most incredible submarines that ever served the United States of America. Our crew, of thousands of officers and men, proudly took her to sea for seventy three successful patrols. We came from a wide range of backgrounds but each shipmate helped forge the legacy that abounds today. The accounts of our past are presented as if the “Spirit of Carver” is talking to us. Every attempt has been made to deliver her history in an accurate and unbiased fashion. The focus is on our boat and incorporates perspectives from all departments. It is based on information provided by one hundred and fifty members of both crews and spans the period of time from launching to decommissioning. Except for a few isolated cases, the specific names of crew members have not been used since this story is about us; all of us together. Simply put, we are "One Boat, One Crew." So sign aboard and go back in time with us. Retrace your footsteps as you cross the quarterdeck, salute the ensign, smell the diesel fumes and relive some the best days of our lives.
Bobby Reed - Plankowner
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Brothers of the Dolphin CD
Bobby Reed and Tommy Cox Music CD
Including: • The Kursk • Blind Man’s Bluff • If You Didn’t Get Enough While In Navy Blue • Bring The Nautilus Home • Lady Of The Water • Mighty Mine Dodgers • Paybacks Are Hell • Brothers Of The Dolphin
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Proud to be an American Veteran CD
Bobby Reed's Music CD
Including: • Strength Through Knowledge (written with shipmate Bill Vasquez) • Forty One For Freedom • Hey, COB • Last Man Down • My Dad Is A Submariner • My First Dive • Nice Try, Cookie • Not Everyone Can Be A Submariner • We Just Call Him Gumba • The Royal Hawaiian • Proud To Be An American Veteran
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Where's My Crew?
Bobby Reed's Final CD
Including: Green Board - I'm A Pigboat Sailor - A Toast To The Thresher - Where's My Crew - We Owe You Guys A Lot - Looking Down From Ninety North - Some Things Are Hard To Let Go - This Is No Lie - Submariners - My Good Friend - I've Never Been A Dancer - Sometimes It Just Gives Me Chills - Never Mess With A White Hat - From Dreams To Submarines - We Are All American - Boats Aren't Made For Razorblades
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Slide Show CD
U.S.S. George Washington Carver Crew Photographs and Slide Show. (plays on home computer)
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