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In an attempt to encourage cross-communication of the crew, we are making our contact database information available to our crewmembers through the following link. This is a password protected directory and is not available to the general public. You will need a username and password to access it. You may request access if you have not received it in previous emails.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Please respect your fellow crewmembers' privacy and do not give this information out. Also, please do not spam the crew with offers and "good deals"... It is meant to allow you to find old friends.
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Carver Crew across the globe

This map shows the current concentrations of crew members across the globe based on the zip codes in our membership contact information.
Here's a link a photo slide show of the French FBM submarine Redoutable. Very good photos of just about everything onboard inside and out. The Redoutable was built in 1971 and decommissioned in 1991, basically the same era of our Carver. Remarkably similar in many cases except for the officer quarters which I thought were pretty posh for a fighting machine. Thanks to Dan Greenberg for submitting the link.


 Reunion 2018 Information

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Listen to Bobby Reed & Bill Vasquez's Song "Strength Through Knowledge" in MP3 format.

Lyrics are posted in RTF format.


 Please sign our Topside Log!

A new Topside Log has been installed and it's supposed to be SPAM FREE! It hides email addresses as a security measure. But remember that whatever you type in the comment area is open to all eyes.

I have made the (1998-2008) Topside Log available to crewmembers in a secure area which is password protected to prevent general public from having access to all the contact info. The user name and password is the same as the full contact file and meeting minutes files.

Request username and password if you don't remember it.


Welcome to the USS George Washington Carver SSBN-656 Reunion Association Home Page. This site is dedicated to all former crewmembers that served aboard this great ship, their families, and all of those that served in the United States Submarine Force - Past, Present & Future.

Our Ship's Motto is; "Strength Through Knowledge". As you "Patrol" our Web Site we hope that our efforts help improve your knowledge about Carver and the outstanding Crews that served her for 73 Strategic Deterrent Patrols and more than 26 Years of Proud Service to her country.

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