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Some YouTube Submarine Videos     Secret Russian Sub - Mission Invisible     The Largest Submarine in The U.S. Navy      How to build a Nuclear Submarine (2010)      How a World War II Submarine Works (720p       NEW SUBMARINE! U.S. Navy Takes Delivery of PCU Minnesota      Megastructures - Super Submarines       Submarine nucleare (DOCUMENTAR)      Русские субмарины История подводного флота России

                                                                                           ( Russian language & sub titles only, but good watch )      Submarine Patrol 3/3 - Chasing the Enemy      (41) Megastructures - Soviet Doomsday Submarine       Submarines - Sharks of Steel Episode 1 – Submariners      Submarines of World War 1 (Full Documentary)      History.Channel.Submarine.Attack.Plans.Of.World.War.II Full Episode     The Silent Service (in color) - U.S. Navy WWII      Submarine Service In The 1970s     OUR CRUCIAL DETERRENT POSEIDON PART 1 2081     Seconds From Disaster - S03E03 - Sinking Of Kursk (Russia´s Nuclear      Raising the Kursk Part 1     The Kursk Cover Up – Russia     Inside Russia's Nuclear-powered Typhoon-class Submarine, TK-20     The Cold War- Submarines: In Enemy Depths     Raising the Kursk Part 2     Cold War Spy Secrets Under the Sea (Full Documentary)